GI-50C-5 βSeries

With a maximum feed pressure 49.2kN, it can support a wide range of ground formation.


  • The rotation torque can be selected from two types of『34.3kN・m』 and 『40.6kN・m』.
  • New hydraulic rotary motor enables to realize high torque rotation by single hydraulic motor and the rotary head has become lightweight and compact.
  • Furthermore, stepless shifting is possible, and automatic or manual shifting can be selected, so it can be used in various situations.

Features of GI SERIES

GI SYSTEM Construction process management system


MODEL GI-50C-β40KL-5 GI-50C-β35KL-5
Spindle rotation speed 11 ~ 64 min-1 13 ~ 76 min-1
Spindle rotation torque 7.1 ~ 40.6 kN・m 6.0 ~ 34.3 kN・m
Applicable rod size △152 △140
Max. pull down 49.2 kN
Feed stroke 5,000 mm(with telescopic rod guide)
Feed speed 0~7 m/min
Leader slide 1,500 mm
Leader swing Left and right 5 degrees each
Engine unit Diesel engine 47.6 kW/(2,400 min-1)
Dimension (when transportation) 7,505 mm x 2,000 mm x 2,800 mm
Gross weight (*1/*2) 12,010 kg / 12,500 kg 11,950 kg / 12,410 kg
Ground pressure(※2) 78.8 kPa 78.2 kPa

1: when transportation

2: when Max. improvement works: including rods and bit.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.