Celebrating 74 years anniversary in 2020, we have produced a various kind of equipment for construction, civil engineering, mining, and environmental survey, under our policy that we create beautiful environment for the future.

Our products such as ground improvement equipment, drilling machines, and water treatment equipment have been actively used nationwide such as reconstruction of great East Japan earthquake and construction of the stadium for Tokyo Olympic game. Also, we have targeted worldwide market focusing on civil engineering, mining, and Official Development Assistance with cooperation of Japanese government

We will pay greater focus on global marketplace to commit increasing demand for underground work.

President Rikio Yoshida


Company Name
YBM Co., Ltd.
(*Renamed in 1996 from Yoshida Boring Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd)
Head Office Address
1534, Haru Karatsu, Saga 847-0031, Japan
5th April 1946
6th April 1967
Rikio Yoshida
Our Business
  • Manufacturing and Sales of Equipment for Civil Construction, Mining, Urban Development Underground Development, Energy Development and Environment
  • Research and development for operation management
  • Equipment for Wastewater purification and treatment, Environmental protection
  1. Ground Improvement equipment, High-pressure water jet pump, Drilling machines, Cement mixing plant, Drilling tools and parts
  2. Drilling stem for petroleum and geothermal energy (meets API Standard)
  3. Equipment for contaminated soil investigation
  4. Import and Export of the above products and related parts
Subsidiary Companies
Approvals and Certification

ISO9001:2015(Certificate No:0123)ANSI-RAB / APIQR

API (License No.7-1-0110) American Petroleum Institute


Apr. 1946
Yoshida Ironworks was founded by Rikinosuke Yoshida at Karatsu City for producing mining equipment.
Apr. 1960
Yoshida Ironworks renamed to Yoshida Boring Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1967
YBM factory was authorized to display the monogram of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), manufacturer.
Apr. 1976
YBM factory was authorized to display the monogram of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), manufacturer.
Jul. 1977
Started manufacturing of API Authorized Oil drilling tools.
Jan. 1979
Expanded sales market to South East Asian countries.
May 1981
Established New Kishiyama factory Ⅲ, for Drilling tools, at Kitahata, Karatsu, Saga Pref.
Sep. 1985
Established New Kishiyama factory Ⅳ, for Jet Grout pump.
Feb. 1993
SG-75 High Pressure Jet Grout Pumps have been sold more than 1,500 units.
Feb. 1995
Established Tokyo Service Center.
Mar. 1996
YBM-05 Boring machines have been sold more than 2,000 units.
Jul. 1996
Yoshida Boring Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. renamed to YBM Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1997
Launched “GI-50C” Ground improvement machine
Released “ECO-13V” Vibration and rotary drilling machine. (High Speed, Low noise, Multi-purpose uses)
Oct. 1999: ISO-9001 certification was accredited.
Nov. 2009
Launched “GI-130C” Ground improvement machine
Sep. 2011
Established Indonesia representative office.
Apr. 2016
Released “GI-220C” Ground improvement machine.
Dec. 2018
Established Technical Support Center in Kazo, Saitama Pref.
Oct. 2019
“GI-50C” Ground improvement machine has been sold more than 1,000 units.