Y-SPEAR: Steel-pipe Pilling Effective Assist & Regulate System

Locating System for HDD

Ultra-Fine Bubble

Geothermal Heating System

Wastewater Treatment System with Gas-Liquid Mixer

Rapid Drilling Machine Integrated with Vibration and Rotation Method

With rotation, thrust, and vibration force, our vibratory drilling machine features lower noise than percussion machine without compromising drilling performance.
The equipment can reduce drilling noise by approx. 15dB – 20dB lower than percussion drilling equipment, while maintaining same drilling speed. Refer to figures below.

Comparison on Drilling Capacity

Comparison on Noise

  • Soil nature: Hard sandstone
  • Compressed strength: 8.03kN/ cm2 [819kgf/cm2]
  • Note: Vertical drilling
  • ECO-13V
  • Rotary percussion machine

Reference: Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association

Applicable machine: ECO-13GT, HD-90V-GT, ECO-3V-3, and ECO-1VⅣ

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test: Automatic Rum Sounding Method

After experience of facility liquefaction in Great East Japan Earthquake, demand for liquefaction evaluation has been increased. Conventionally standard penetration test (SPT) has been conducted.

Our automatic rum sounding machine achieved faster preparation, faster operation work, and high mobility without compromising measuring accuracy, compared with conventional SPT device.

Applicable machine: CRS-12-2