Possible to perform construction similar to a large machine with a small machine.


  • Max. column diameter⌀2,000mm
  • Column length 24.5 m(without rod extension)
  • Spindle rotation torque 98kN・m
  • Max. pull down 198.7 kN
  • Easy transportation by one trailer, possible to save transportation cost.
  • No assembly at construction site, fast preparation, and save time.
  • Easy-to-use construction process management system and construction process support function, possible to support construction quality.

Features of GI SERIES

GI SYSTEM Construction process management system


Spindle I.D. 225 mm
Spindle rotation speed 0~60 min-1
Spindle rotation torque 0~98 kN・m
Max. pull down 198.7 kN(20,200 kgf)[rapid feed 116.8 kN(11,920 kgf)]
Feed stroke 8,000 mm
Feed speed 0~4 m/min[rapid feed 0~7 m/min]
Leader down -90°~ 3°
Max. column length 24.5 m(with telescopic rod guide)
Leader swing Left and right 3 degrees each
Dimension when transportation(L x W x H) 11,500 mm x 2,900 mm x 3,346 mm
Gross weight when transportation 34,000 kg(excluding counter weight)
When maximum column length 47,000 kg(including rods 27.7m, bit and counter weight)
Engine unit Diesel engine 160 kW/(1,800 min-1)
Required hydraulic power source Rotation:30.4MPa{305 kgf/cm2}- 480 L/min
Feed:19.1 MPa{195 kgf/cm2}- 59.4 L/min
Max. column diameter ⌀2,000 mm
Option Winch, mast type telescopic rod guide

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.