High power, High pressure pump for various Jet Grout Methods.

  • Maximum discharge volume 477 L/min.
  • Modified delivery block, it makes a simple and easy maintenance service for valves and
    packings change.
  • Installing high performance reversible valve, this pump has a high durability and stable cement injection.
  • The forced lubrication system install at properly position of unit which is easy to make a refill.

YBM Pumps selection chart (pressure and flow rate).


Crank model 200150
Lubrication Forced Lubrication system
Plunger Stroke 150 mm
Plunger dia. 70 mm
Maximum discharge pressure * 30 MPa 35 MPa 40 MPa
Theoretical discharge volume (134)~477 L/min (134)~426 L/min (159)~374 L/min
Suction bore 80A (3”)
Discharge bore 40A (1-1/2”)
Actual discharge volume (120)~429 L/min (120)~383 L/min (143)~337 L/min
Crank rotation speed range (77)~275 min-1 (77)~246 min-1 (92)~216 min-1
Inverter frequency (21)~75 Hz (21)~67 Hz (25)~59 Hz
■Prime mover
Type Totally closed fan Motor (IE3)
Output 250kW-4P Inverter control
Voltage 400V
Length 3,715 mm
Width 2,005 mm
Hight 1,965 mm
Weight 7,890 kg
■Safety device
Mechanical Burst disc type safety device
Electric Inverter trip pressure sensor
Standard accessories
・Variable speed remote controller

Maximum discharge pressure depends on flow rate.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.