Diesel Engine driven Jet Grout Pump


The SG Series pump have a high-performance, sophisticated plunger pump that has low pulsation and enables stable injection.

In addition to the discharge flow rate, we have a wide range of models to be selected the most suitable pump for various methods from low pressure to high pressure.

SG series pumps are highly acclaimed for their high efficiency, stable injection, easy maintenance, low running costs, and safety at a high level which are combined organically.

It is preferred by worldwide customers and is a staple pump of the Jet Grouting method that is carried out in various places.

YBM Pumps selection chart (pressure and flow rate).


Plunger stroke 150 mm
Plunger dia. 73 mm
Discharge pressure (Max) 30MPa * 35MPa * 40MPa *
Theoretical discharge volume 501 L/min 501 L/min 411 L/min
Suction bore 3 IN
Discharge bore 1-1/2 IN
Rotation speed 266 min-1 266 min-1 218 min-1
■Prime mover
Max output/rpm 328kW/2,100min-1
Engine type Diesel engine
■Dimension / Weight
Length 6,200 mm
Width 1,800 mm
Height 2,450 mm
Weight 13,900 kg
Standard accessories
・Variable speed remote controller

Maximum discharge pressure depends on flow rate.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.