Newly developed vibration technology realize its best performance for environmental investigation and geological survey with high vibration force & high torque.

  • Enough force to drill 4 inches well.
  • Possible to drill without water circulation, suitable for soil pollution survey (VOCs etc.)
  • High performance & powerful drilling by stable and safe operation with outriggers.
  • High mobility with its compact size and crawler. Possible to increase operation efficiency.
  • Adopted biodegradable hydraulic oil for environmental safety, in case of outflow.


Name Hydraulic Vibro Drill (Crawler type)
Model ECO-3V-CF
Vibratory force 31 kN(No load)
Spindle Rotation Speed High Torque 26 min-1 Low Torque 13 min-1
Rotation Torque High 1,880 N・m Low Torque 3,770 N・m
Model Hydraulic cylinder・Chain combined feed
Feed power (pull down) 26.2 kN
Feed power (pull up) 72.8 kN
Stroke 1,750 mm
◆Engine・Dimension・Gross weight
Engine 13kW/2,200min‐1
Dimension(L×W×H) 3,240mm×1,645mm×2,490mm(when transportation)
Gross Weight 2,950 kg

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.