Multi-purpose High-performance Drilling Machine



  • Long-selling machine for its high speed rotation, high torque and spindle dia.⌀93.
    Possible to increase work efficiency and operational safety.
  • Selectable for spindle rotation speed (A and B), and they have 4-speeds range.
    Applicable for various layers and drilling holes.
  • Possible to disassemble it separately as each component.
    Well reputation for its toughness in operation.


■Drilling Capacity
Nominal Depth 300 m
AW Rod 320 m
BW Rod 210 m
Nq Rod 250m
HQ Rod 160m
■Swivel Head Ass’y
Spindle Inner Dia. 93 mm
Spindle Stroke 500 mm
Spindle Rotation (A speed)
57、115、230、345 min-1
(B speed)
107、215、429、644 min-1
Max. Pull Down 58.2 kN
Max. Pull Up 58.2 kN
Spindle Torque (A speed) 3.5 kN・m
(B speed) 0.9 kN・m
Gear Shift Type 4-speeds transmission
Sliding Gear
Clutch Type Dry single disk
Type Planetary Gear
Hand Brake
Drum Size ⌀160 × 130 mm
Drum Capacity ⌀12mm x 42 m
Hoisting Capacity 19.6 kN
■Hydraulic Pump
Type Variable discharge vane pump
Discharge Pressure Normal:1.9~3.9 MPa
Max.10.3 MPa
■Prime Mover
Output 11.4 kW-P
■Dimension & Weight
(Without Prime Mover)
Max. Disassembled Parts Weight:200 kg
1,560 * 860 * 1,440mm
** Options **
・Self-propelling System ・Hydraulic Chuck ・Wire Guide Roller

Drilling Capacity is calculated based on hoisting capacity, it depends on the soil condition and bit size.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.