High-Performance Drilling Machine


Suitable for Well Drilling, Grout Hole and Soil Investigation.

With hydraulic chuck system, possible to increase work efficiency and operational safety.
High usability as control levers, handle and gauges are centralized configuration.


■Drilling Capacity
Nominal Depth 200 m
40.5mm Rod 460 m
■Swivel Head
Spindle Inner Dia. 59 mm , 93 mm(Option)
Spindle Stroke 500 mm
Spindle Rotation (A speed) 63、128、221、405 min-1
(B speed) 106、200、344、630 min-1
(C speed) 170、322、554、1014 min-1
Max. Pull Down 28.9 kN (2,945 kgf)
Max. Pull Up 38.4 kN (3,920 kgf)
Spindle Torque (A speed) 1.05 kN・m
Transmission 4-Speeds transmission sliding gear
Type Planetary Gear
Hand Brake
Drum Capacity 12 mm DIA. x 30 m
Hoisting Capacity 19.6 kN (2,000 kgf)
■Prime Mover
Output 7.5 kW (11PS)
(Without Prime Mover)
750 kg
Max. disassembled component weight:230 kg
** Options**
・Self Propelling System ・Manual Chuck
・Wire Guide Roller
・Speed Control Valve

Drilling Capacity is calculated based on hoisting capacity, it depends on the soil condition and bit size.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.