High-Performance Drilling Machine



■Drilling Capacity
Nominal Depth 200 m
40.5mm Rod 460 m
■Swivel Head
Spindle Inner Dia. 59 mm , 93 mm(Option)
Spindle Stroke 500 mm
Spindle Rotation (A speed) 63、128、221、405 min-1
(B speed) 106、200、344、630 min-1
(C speed) 170、322、554、1014 min-1
最大下压力 28.9 kN (2,945 kgf)
最大上拉力 38.4 kN (3,920 kgf)
主轴扭矩 (A speed) 1.05 kN・m
Transmission 4-Speeds transmission sliding gear
种类 Planetary Gear
Hand Brake
Drum Capacity 12 mm DIA. x 30 m
Hoisting Capacity 19.6 kN (2,000 kgf)
输出 7.5 kW (11PS)
(Without Prime Mover)
750 kg
Max. disassembled component weight:230 kg
** 可选配件**
・Self Propelling System ・Manual Chuck
・Wire Guide Roller
・Speed Control Valve

Drilling Capacity is calculated based on hoisting capacity, it depends on the soil condition and bit size.