Suitable for drilling anchor hole, grout injection, and water drainage holes in tight space. High drilling performance! ! Best for slope protection work.

  • Equipped with the newest drifter, and applicable for casing diameter from ⌀96mm to ⌀165mm.
  • 1m length rods are applicable to use in dia. 3m vertical shaft.
  • Feed force 58.8kN (6 ton) & rotation torque 8.8kN-m, with back hammer
  • Easy to insert pipe and anchor with rotary head and horizontal slide function.
  • With detachable leader, possible to adjust drilling height.


■Dimension, Gross Weight
Dimension(WxLxH) 1,550 mm×2,700 mm×1,400 mm
Gross Weight 2,030 kg
■Hydraulic Drifter
Model YHG-80VS
Gross Weight 450 kg
Percussion Force 637/392 N-m{65/40kg-m}
Blow Counts 41.7/58.3 Hz{2,500/3,500b.p.m}
Rotation Torque 8.8/4.4 kN-m{900/450kg-m}
Spindle Rotation Speed 40/80 min-1
Leader Stroke 303 mm
Leader Extension 600 mm
Leader Tilt Top 14° Bottom 90°
■Feed mechanism Hydraulic motor feed
Feed length 1,500 mm
Pull down 58.8 kN{6,000kg}
Pull up 58.8 kN{6,000kg}
■Wrench Torque 23.5 kN-m{2,400kg-m}
■Pipe diameter Standard ⌀57 mm?⌀165 mm
■Power unit Electric motor type Engine type
Dimension(WxLxH) 1,100 mm×1,750 mm×1,450 mm 1,300 mm×2,960 mm×1,780 mm
Gross Weight 1,950 kg 2,350 kg
Model Totally Closed Fan Motor BF6L913
Rated output 75kW-4P-400V 87.5 kW{119PS/1,800min-1}
Fuel tank 180 ℓ
■Hydraulic oil tank 250 ℓ 220 ℓ

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.