Lightweight Rotary Percussion Drill.
Best for slope protection work.

  • Approx. 1 ton lightweight body with YBM original drifter.
  • High rotation torque and percussive energy with high power unit.
  • Available to attach the RP-OTASUKEMAN (semi-automatic rod changer)
  • Provided two types of power units, electric motor or diesel engine.


■ Hydraulic UnitMotor type Engine type

■Drilling ability
Casing diameter ⌀96、⌀118、⌀133
Casing Length 1,000 ㎜(1,500 ㎜)
Drilling Angle -10°~0°~47°
Model YRP-3240
Blow Counts 33 Hz
Percussive Energy 0.31 kN・m
Spindle Rotation Speed Low Torque 0~30 min-1/60Hz
High Torque 0~60 min-1/60Hz
Rotation Torque Low Torque 0~3.9 kN・m
High Torque 0~2.0 kN・m
Feed Speed 0~6 m/min(MAX22 m/min)
Max Pull Down/Pull Up 25.5 kN
Slide Stroke 500 mm
Net Weight 1,000 kg(without control unit)
Dimension(WxLxH) 1,670 mm×3,650 mm×1,100 mm
Gross Weight 1,350 kg(including control unit, option)
Dimension(WxLxH) 1,050 mm×1,750 mm×1,500 mm 1,200 mm×3,000 mm×1,650 mm
Gross Weight YUE-37C-03 YE-72CⅡ
Model 1,100 kg 1,990 kg
Hydraulic Pump Variable discharge double piston pump + Gear pump
Prime Mover 37 kW 53 kW
Tank Capacity 150 ℓ 150 ℓ

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.