Low noise, High-speed drilling!

  • Drilling max. 318mm diameter with centralizer (wrench & clamp)
  • High performance & powerful drilling by stable and safe operation with outriggers.
  • High mobility with its compact size and crawler. Possible to increase operation efficiency.

Low noise and rapid drilling by using vibration mechanism!!
Applicable for various type of well drilling, soil investigation and geothermal heat exchange, various construction drilling work.
*“Low noise” means that the noise of drilling by vibration drill is lower than rotary percussion drill.


■Drilling Ability
Applicable Casing Diameter 96, 118, 133, 165, 216, 318 mm
Drilling Depth Approx. 60m(with 216mm double tube core drilling)
Vibration force 88 kN
Spindle Rotation Speed Max 70 min-1
Max 35 min-1
Rotation Torque Max 3.9 kN・m
Max 7.8 kN・m
Type Hydraulic Feed Cylinder
Feed Speed 0~14 m / min(Drilling 0~2.2 m /min)
Feed Stroke 2,500 mm
Max Pull Down 49 kN
Max Pull Up 130 kN
■Prime Mover
Output 96 kW / 2,200 min-1
Dimension(L x W x H mm) 5,640 x 1,900 x 2,560
Gross Weight 10,500 kg

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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