• Just set the cement and water volume on the control panel, automatically measure and adjust inlet volume of them.
  • Modified bigger mixing tank increases its capacity for 1320L cement milk(ratio water /cement 1,000kg / 1,000kg).
  • As automatic measurement of the cement volume in Agitator, it can be relieved from shortage of the cement slurry and constructed continuously.
  • The batch counter allows continuous construction all day long.
  • Amount of water and cement are recorded to calculate daily total amount.
  • Simple and easy cleaning structure with larger maintenance door.


Productivity ※1、※2 40 m³ /h
Mixing pump ※3 5.5 kW 100A×2sets (1.5 m³/min)
Mixing capacity 1,320 L
Tank volume 1,600 L
Motor output 15 kW 1/11 Gear motor Rotation speed 138 / 167 min-1 (50/60Hz)
Measurement Load cell type
Cement milk outlet  ⌀300 mm×2
Capacity 2,100 L
Tank volume 2,400 L
Motor output 1.5 kW 1/100 Gear motor Rotation speed 15 / 17min-1 (50/60Hz)
◆Dimension / Weight
Dimension 3,380× 2,100 × 2,450 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 4,300 kg (excluded option items)
High pressure water cleaner 3.7 kW ※Separatory provided type
Cement Hopper For 1 ton bag
Additive Pump 1.5 kW 160 / 200 L/min (50/60Hz)
Water hose 100A
Cement Silo ※When the cement silo to be mounted, its structure is changed to the reinforced type.

1:When using 2 sets of Cement Silo which have a capacity to supply cement powder 50ton/h.

2:Ability depends on the w/c ratio or type/quality of Cement.


The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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