JP-310 II

  1. Start and Stop for Water Jet Pump is easy to control by ON/OFF switch button, it is not needed a complicated preparation works for start/finish time.
  2. High quality wear resistance valve makes it to use turbid water and reversible valve gets twice of life span for replacement.
  3. Mechanical and electrical safety system are equipped for abnormal pressure increase prevent.
  4. High quality cylinder and valve system has durability for sea water.
  5. Greasing for plunger and packing is automatically injected by electric auto-greastar.
  6. Control Box c/w Pressure Gauge allows to adjust the pressure and flow rate remotely.
  7. New large capacity accumulator and New valve spring reduce the pulsation of discharge high pressure water.
  8. Easy to make an assembling, disassembling and periodical maintenance service with standard accessories.
  9. JP model is best pump for Jet Vibration Hammer methods.

YBM Pumps selection chart (pressure and flow rate)


Plunger stroke 100 mm
Plunger dia 100 mm
Maximum delivery pressure 15 MPa
Theoretical discharge volume 920 L/min
Suction bore 100 mm
Discharge bore 40 mm
Rotation speed 392 min-1
■Dimension and Weight
Length 4,500 mm
Width 1,900 mm
Height 1,950 mm
Weight 9,200 kg

Minimum discharge pressure and Maximum discharge volume is changed by Nozzle size.

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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