型式 GI-180CP-30
旋转扭矩 Normal mode:80~300 kN・m Low torque mode:40~150 kN・m ※1
转速 Normal mode:4~13 min-1 Low torque mode:7~26 min-1※1
最大下压力(提升力)/最大上拉力 1st 198.7 kN 2nd 116.8 kN※1
进给行程 10,000 mm (steel pipe pile length 9,000 mm)
进给速度 1st 4.5 m/min 2nd 8.0 m/min [快进时 10.0 m/min] ※1
Chuck stroke 2,500 mm(GL-2,150mm)
Leader movable range -90°~ 3°(Angle piling up to 15 degrees)
主轴可滑动 2000 mm
主轴摆动角度 Left and right 3 degrees each
卷扬机 19.6 kN ※选配装备
尺寸 when construction works(L x W x H) 7,080 mm x 2,590 mm x 14,550 mm
尺寸 运输时(L x W x H) 12,380 mm x 2,590 mm x 3,030 mm
质量 36,000 kg (all accessories: including tools, steel pipe pile, counterweights)
29,000 kg(运输时: excluding counterweight 4,080kg)
引擎 柴油引擎 C4.4Tier4Final (AdBlue) 129.4 kW/(2,200 min-1)
所需液压源 旋转用 :29.5 MPa – 350 L/min
进给用:20.6 MPa – 66 L/min
标准装备 Winch, Construction process management system, Interlock switch, Safety block, Sub monitor, Rear camera
Optional accessories Auxiliary camera

1 The above values are theoretical values depending on the weight of each mechanism, friction resistance, and other factors.