We made Dynamic Cone Penetration Test full-automatic so that you investigate hard and deep ground correctively.
It can be applied to investigation and judgement for liquefaction.

  • Comparing with Standard Penetration Test by Drilling Machine, it become very shorter and easier to work from arriving at site to completing measurement by made it compact and self-propelled.
  • It has equivalent ability of penetration to Standard Penetration Test equipment and has equivalent mobility to Swedish Sounding Test machine.
  • It can grasp the strength characteristics of very soft clay layer accurately by adopted the standard of knocking device. As a result of applied to high precision sensors, it can proceed self-sink measurement. Even if CRS-12-2 is under knocking, it stops knocking suddenly when self-sink is occurred.
  • It can investigate easily even if “layer of N value is over 30” and “Depth is over 20m”
  • It can collect the sample of soil and measure the ground-water level by soil sampler “Hyper Dojo-Sukui” and Strainer Pipe. Therefore, it can be adopted as investigation and judgement for liquefaction.
  • Measurement situation can be checked with touch panel.
    Measurement result can be outputted by built-in printer and can be checked on the spot.
  • Test data can be saved by USB memory stick. Test result can be processed and outputted visually by data processed software “R-ware” and “Ground search (Cloud version). (Option)


◆Dimension and Weight of Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Machine

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Machine Japanese Standard ISO
Sign Unit CRS-12-2 Standards of Japanese Geotechnical Society DPSH-A
◆Knocking Equipment
Hammer Weight m kg 63.5±0.5 63.5±0.5 63.5±0.5
Fall Height h mm 500±10 500±10 500±10
Hammer Outer Dia. Dh mm 246
Total Weight kg 81 115
◆Anvil (Knocking Block)
Diameter d mm 120 50<d<Dh 50<d<0.5Dh
Max. Weight m kg 17.5 18 18

◆Compared with Standard Penetration Test

Compared with Standard Penetration Test

Easy making reports without record!

Application for Data Processing, Analyzing and Report Creating

“R-ware” and “Ground Research (Cloud version) are the applications for Survey Data Processing, Analyzing and Report Creating shortly automatically.


Supporting Equipment of Ground Investigation for liquefaction.

Soil Sampler “Hyper Dojo Sukui”

Knock and penetrate “Hyper Dojo Sukui” to predetermined depth in the target point. Then, rotate it and circumferential soil sample can be collected.


Name Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Machine
Model CRS-12-2
■Hammer Fall Equipment

Hydraulic Cylinder + Free Fall Equipment

Hammer Weight 63.5kg
Hammer Fall Height 50cm
Knocking Number of Times 20times/min
Type Hydraulic Cylinder Feed
Feed Speed 0~6m/min (UP)
0~9m/min (DOWN)
Feed Stroke 1,350mm
Pull Up Capacity 39.6kN(MAX)
Prime Mover Hydraulic Motor Driven
Rotation 7min-1
Rotation Torque 500N・m(MAX)
Rod Chuck Type Hydraulic Chuck
Model 0.028m3 Class
Driving Speed High4.0 Low2.1km/h
Engine 9.2kW/2000min-1
Dimension (L×W×H) 2,350×830×2,570mm
Weight 1,745kg (Without Rods)

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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